Hojas de Tomillo



Thyme is a versatile herb that is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. When rubbed, its leaves give off an intense, fragrant and slightly earthy perfume. Its spicy flavour incorporates notes of clove, camphor and mint, which make it irreplaceable in traditional cuisine.

Thyme is often presented on a plate or in a cooking process still on the branch. The thyme supports excellent long cooking times mixing slowly with the rest of the flavours. Thyme enhances the flavour of red wine, can dramatically improve sauces and is a great seasoning for stuffed vegetables, stews, rice dishes, broths, poultry, lamb or fish.

It can be used fresh throughout the year, since it is an evergreen plant.

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Bolsa de Aromáticas Frescas de 20, 40, 50 y 100gr Blister de Aromáticas Frescas de 20, 50 y 125gr Maceta de Aromáticas Frescas de 9 y 10.5cm Productos aromáticas frescas a granel
Hojas de Tomillo
tomillo bolsa

Bag of 20, 40, 50 and 125gr.

Enjoy a fresh cut product ready to cook. With ideal Chef bags you will enjoy an increase in flavor in all your cooking.

tomillo blister

Blister of 20, 50 and 125gr.

If you don’t use aromatic herbs regularly, this could be your preferred format. Clean, cut and ready to use, in a re-sealable pack for longer life.

tomillo maceta

Pots of 9 and 10,5 cm.

If you use herbs in the kitchen, this potted format will give your recipes an authentic fresh and just cut flavour.

tomillo granel

In bulk.

For the catering trade or those that use a lot of product this is the best way to buy our herbs.